“I want my wife

Can I offer myself for “wife” position? 😗
I promise to behave and be a loving spouse 😁

Yes! If you behave and are loving, you’ve got it covered.

All he asks here, all Alice has to do is stop committing adultery with incompetent terrorist sympathiser Aafrin of the four facial expressions, whose shitty choices led to the death of his lover, a missionary (and almost many more had the missionary not taken the brunt of the bomb), a man who is a liar who is willing to abandon his family and run off to Australia with another man’s child.
Honestly, I’m not convinced that Charlie ever cheated on Alice – it may have been a lie Ralph told to excuse Alice running away in season one, since it’s never addressed again. All he seems to want is loyalty, some occasional affection, and, here, obedience (though the obedience might mostly be “don’t cheat on me again, don’t kidnap my child again, I now can’t trust you unless you obey me”). I never heard anything from Alice’s lips about Charlie’s behaviour prior to her running away that wasn’t about what *she* wanted, which was some nebulous thing that her “perfectly decent in his own way” husband was apparently unable to satisfy. Yet somehow Aafrin could, which seemed to be mostly if not completely, shagging.












Leo no, don’t release Valentino out into the wild. Leo no. You’re going to give people heart attacks.

Che? I’m afraid I do not understand.


DaVinci’s demons makes more sense now.

Da Vinci’s Demons PLEASE.

Leonardo da Vinici–St Francis of Assisi or Disney Princess.

Or both?

That last picture is just too adorable–look at the lion’s smooshy face!

Disney Princess Leo 😀  though I’m sure some religious to-and-froing with Riario and Leo over a lion could be interesting. And of course Leo/Lion makes sense etymologically at least.

I watched an episode of CBBC’s Leonardo once and young!Leo was doing the same thing in that show. It must be a fairly well known fact/believed myth 😀