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The full text of Tom Riley’s BAFTA Cymru acceptance speech:

Wow. I really didn’t expect this. Especially after that clip with the stick-on beard. Thank you to BAFTA Cymru. I’m hugely honoured. Especially when pitched opposite two such highly talented Welshmen. I should thank David S. Goyer, Chris Albrecht, Carmi Zlotnick, Marta Fernandez and all at Starz, and Jane Tranter, Julie Gardner, Lee Morris and all at Adjacent. But primarily, I should thank Wales.

The show isn’t necessarily as known here as overseas, but when the cast gets to travel the world, we see what a huge international hit it is. Just a fortnight ago we were at the New York Comic Con and people had flown from Japan, from Hong Kong, from Australia, just to meet us and express their gratitude for the show. And that is because of Wales.

It has been an absolute joy to shoot and live here over the last few years – not just because of the scenery, the locations, or the tax breaks, but first and foremost, because of the people.

Our crew is full of locals, in every department, and they are the kindest, most talented and hardworking people we could ever have hoped to have on a project of such ambition and scale. An ambition which never daunts them. So thank you Wales, for providing us with the Welsh.

And finally, I want to share all actors’ dirty little secret, and one I think any actor in this room will agree with – that really you’re only as good as the other actors in the scene with you allow you to be. So I want to share this with what I think is the finest unsung ensemble cast on TV right now. Laura Haddock, Elliot Cowan, Gregg Chillin, Blake Ritson, Hera Hilmar, Eros Vlahos and Lara Pulver. This is ours, because I wouldn’t have been any good without you opposite me being even better. This is for all of us. But I’m still taking it home. Thank you very much.

Sunday, October 26th, 2014