In Da Vinci’s Demons season 2 we see things that we know he invented, that should have been beyond the realms of human possibility then.

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Da Vinci’s Demons: Season 2 Leonardo’s Inventions video | Tom Riley



TIM: The backstory on this one blows me away. Because Da Vinci’s Demons is about Leonardo Da Vinci, Bear did a little research on the famed multi-hyphenate and modeled the show’s theme music on Da Vinci’s ability to to write backwards. And if you play it backwards, you’ll hear a new take on the same music. I’m guessing that if you play both versions simultaneously, a secret passage to Da Vinci’s hidden laboratory opens up and reveals the guy’s commercial jetpack technology. But even without the palindromic extras, it’s a gorgeous piece of work that highlights creativity and progress, both hallmarks of a great inventor.

KAITLIN: Even without knowing how this fancy orchestral piece was created, I found it sweeping and inspiring; the way it builds to that final crescendo almost feels like one of Da Vinci’s intellectual breakthroughs. Just like he did with Black Sails, Bear had to create a score that fit a historical setting, and I think he accomplished that without producing anything too dated. [x]

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