Oh my god.

I missed Girolamo Riario and his sneaky power games SO MUCH.

He’s back to strutting around like he knows everybody’s darkest secrets. I love it.


S3e3 Modus Operandi gif?

I spent an excessive amount of time writing a recap/review of s3e3 which required crack illustrations and the addition of mutiple credited gifs and tumblr posts. One gif though I could not find; as I wrote in the review:
WHY HAVE I NOT SEEN GIFS OF THAT FFS? GIVE ME YOUR HAND? Loads of the eye-fucking gifs, understandably and I adore them but that needed a gif. Send them my way please & thank you.

I follow a lot of DvD blogs and I keep track of posts as best as I can (rss) for weeks afterwards until I finally get to watch an episode, including seeing the same post several times as it gets reblogged, but I’ve not seen a gif of that scene yet.
If there is one can someone please point me in the right direction?

Like I said, I love the eyefucking and the Zo jealousy and the Riario smirk as Leo “chooses” him, but “give me your hand”, come on peeps. It gave me a plot bunny which I thought would be 500-1000 words but it’s stupidly long and needs editing now.

S3e3 Modus Operandi gif?