Have you and Blake had fun with Da Vinci and Riario’s up and down relationship over the years? 

Yeah, it’s one of my favorite things about the show. They started out being uneasy enemies. Now they’re uneasy friends. Particularly episode six this season, Blake is magnificent. He gets to do some incredible sh*t. I just enjoy working with him. We keep each other on our toes. It’s fun. 

Is uneasy friends any different than uneasy enemies? 

 Yeah, because I think previously, they both wouldn’t have thought twice about getting rid of the other one if it served their own ends. At this point, they matter to one another. They like each other a great deal. They respect one another. So even though they don’t agree with one another’s methods, I think this year it’d be far harder for one of them to abandon the other. 

When you and Blake work together, do you have a different method depending on where Da Vinci and Riario are? 

It’s always the same. Blake has a very particular way he gets into the character. He listens to music and I don’t go near him when he’s doing that. The minute the thing’s running, the thing is, without spoiling it, the Riario that Da Vinci has to deal with this season isn’t the same Riario. So we had to approach that slightly differently but I can’t say anything more than that.

Da Vinci’s Demons: Tom chats about season 3 & future projects with Den of Geek | Tom Riley


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