Entertainment has a lot of praising words for Blake’s performance as Riario in Da Vinci’s Demons s3e6 – ‘Liberum Arbitrium’. Cannot but agree!

“In a standout moment of the season, Blake Ritson gives a remarkably nuanced and intense performance as both sides of Riario. He switches effortlessly between the two drastically different personas. It’s like night and day. One minute, Riario is sitting there, quiet, refined, soft-spoken, with an air of sophistication, even as he’s handcuffed and chained to a column in Leo’s studio. The next minute, the Monster of Italy takes over, and he’s a loud, crazy, raving lunatic who gloatingly describes how he killed his victims in disturbing detail.

Blake Ritson makes this killer alter ego believable, and when the dialogue requires him to be a madman, he excels at it. Ritson perfectly changes his tone of voice, speech patterns, and delivery to portray the Monster of Italy. His acting is never over-the-top. Ritson’s amazing timing and the way he delivers his lines are highlights of the episode. Ritson even brings some dark humor to his performance.”


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