Laura Cereta is no fool.
“Leo says Riario wants to kill me because I love him as a mother, and he can’t accept that love. ILL SHOW THEM!”

Also that is not how most people kiss their mother, just saying. But since the writers have forgotten about Zita, Riario’s mother issues are what Leo had to focus on. And of course we need to keep up the pretence that this is a heterosexual show. No gay or bi here. Bromance until boobs show up.

Agreed. But also he’s not really into it? Like he’s thinking “this isn’t how most people kiss their mother, is it?”

So now I have to reconsider my reaction to this story line because of a whole messy Oedipal thing going on in my head… .Poor Riario.

How do you know this is a premium cable show? Rampant gratuitous heterosexuality.

“rampant gratuitous heterosexuality” is now a tag I’m going to use on all my blogs. I’d a add a smiley face but I don’t think it’s something to celebrate :/

That was supposed to go on my sideblog, let’s try that again.


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