Looking like the fans of Da Vinci’s Demons right now – sad, angry and incredulous – Season 3 to be the final season


Still sad, angry and incredulous, particularly now that the S3 disks have no extras. None. Zero. Less than one. Nada. Zilch. Zip. 0.

I am really sad to hear that about the disks! Guess I can just buy the series from Amazon streaming then.

It was extremely disappointing. I actually got my Blu-ray set last Monday (thanks Amazon pre-order) I don’t know why it was a week early but no extras. I’m just waiting for Starz to decide to pull it from their own streaming site…

It feels like after four episodes they just said “let’s kill this show. Burn it down. We have to finish this season, but we can fuck it up, close it down, release the whole thing at once, and release the barest of physical media. LOL, that’ll teach fans to love our productions.”


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