Like totally.

I’m telling you we need a Leo + Riario Hardy Boys Mysteries spin off and I would watch the hell out of it. They can argue about free will and whether the Bible should be read by lay people in vernacular while inventing fingerprinting technology and forensic science. And long lingering glances. 


We have enough cop/medical examiner dramas; why can’t we have one that’s a historical action adventure too? But I want more than just long lingering glances.

Not even kidding, I was thinking about this while walking my dog this morning. “Okay, so what mystery should they solve first?” So apparently… I’m in.

So we’re going to crowdsource the funding, and we’ll sign up writers–so far we have @idriseleven and me. We’ll need more writers, lots of crew, people with experience in film. And then someone will have to convince the cast members this is the best idea ever. It’s a plan!

I would gladly join you on this quest. I don’t have any experience in film but I can yhm, hand you water bottles? Anything : D

And I don’t think it will be hard to convince them, this idea is obviously brilliant. 

YES! JOIN OUR QUEST! OR CRUSADE! Whichever you prefer! We will need lots of help in every area. There’s wardrobe, makeup, hair, I’m sure you will find something you can lend a hand at! ;D

Our idea is brilliant! We’re just missing those pesky but important middle steps!

Wait, if we’re just missing the middle part, who stole Tom and Blake’s underpants? And will that help in recruiting them for this new show? xD


Mistery of the Missing
Underpants, lol.

If we do it smart, I believe it can help
us greatly. Depends on how much do they like these underpants and if they want
them back.

I suggest we steal all of their underpants, and their wallets so they can’t buy new underpants. That way they’ll have to cooperate because no one would go to their friends to ask for underpants. That would just be silly and weird. And this way we also have payment, 1 pair of underpants per episode aired.

We’d better start a sign-up sheet for everyone interested! We’ll match up your talents with our needs and make this work! Somehow! We may need to hold a benefit auction/bake sale/some kind of fundraiser, but we’ll do it! We need someone with excellent organization talents to keep us in line, paging @leonardo-artista !

I’m in, organising the details 😉
And borrowing the boys afterwards for my side project. Not like that! Okay, a bit like that…


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