Every time I see their expressions in this scene, this is what I imagine:

Riario: What is that? What is she–? That is more than sin. That is just wrong.

Lucrezia: Huh. Okay, sure, I’ll try anything once.

Leo: Oh that? Zo and I did that twice in Pisa only there were three women, two pheasants and a goat.


Riario: How would that work with a goat?

Lucrezia: That’s really an interesting position.

Leo: It was fun. Zo pulled his back out. He still complains about it when it rains.


Riario: But… a goat?

Lucrezia: I could totally do that. I’m bendy.

Leo: I’d better make a note to remind Zo it’s going to rain tomorrow.

Lorenzo: Blah blah blah, welcome our esteemed guest, he’s a snake.


Riario: Quiet, man! Where can I find a goat this time of night?


Leo: Heh, got him.

100% canon. “Quiet, man! Where can i find a goat this time of night”, omg xD 

They always make perfect expressions. 


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