I have a lot of Da Vinci’s Demons videos that I’ve never shared with the world. So. Here you go. One of them. 

OMG this is amazing!
You managed to hit on songs I’ve wanted to vid in full too!
I’ve long thought Riario and S1!Leo (more arrogant at that point) would be perfect for a Dr Horrible set up, with Riario as Horrible and Leo being all “hair blowing in the breeze” hero 😀  So that was a fun clip for me in particular.
And “Everybody Loves Me” seems perfect for Leo (everyone does seem to be obsessed with him) but I loved you using it for Vanessa x Giuiliano 😀
I lol’d so hard at the Shades of Riario one! And the Squidward one! And Tubthumping!
ten out of ten, did watch again, will watch again, subscribed 😀

Thank you!

Da Vinci’s Demons/Dr Horrible crossover would be sooo good. Especially with Leo as Captain Hammer xD omg, I can see him throwing people in garbage ‘to save them’. But I don’t know who could be Penny-

I’ve been thinking about that, and, given screen time together and scope for hilarity, I’d suggest Nico as Penny 😀
Sixtus is of course Bad Horse 😀

… Nico. I have hard time imagining it but omg it would be hilarious xD Riario and Nico could eat all the yogurt together : D Or apples.

Yes, Sixtus is perfect. The role of this three guys (I don’t remember if they had names) that read Bad Horse’s letter could be played by Lupo? And I was kind of thinking about Zoroaster as Johny Snow, Dr Horrible’s not nemesis (it would fit, Zo following Riario, screaming FIGHT ME, DAMMIT; even though he didn’t even make an appearance xD) but at the same time Zo should be one of the crazy fans-  

I like both of those ideas for Zo! I was trying to find a picture of him selling relics *this is his hair* but have this one:

*this is his lunch*
I love the idea of him collecting Leo memorabilia!


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