This figurative and literal torch thingee, it’s totally like writing itself. Really, could just put all the torch carrying pics together and make a picture book about lust and jealousy.

And I would buy that book and read that book and sleep with it under my pillow. 

The Godfather had oranges when people died, Da Vinci’s Demons has torches for when people are about to be murdered by Riario for looking at Leo 

Zo comes home one night and there’s a sinister torch burning on the wall, a torch he’s never seen before. Pinned to the wall next to it is  a note “I know what you did”. Zo’s blood runs cold. Shit. Someone has been watching him and Leo. They saw him kiss Leo. On the mouth. Repeatedly. And there was some, er, fondling of the downstairs area. And that someone can only be Riario, Count and Captain General of Leo’s heart, feared enforcer and torch bearer. They say he kills his love rivals and burns their bodies, and if they’re lucky he does it in that order.
“It was just a friendly kiss,” Zo says desperately to the empty air. It’s a lie, but it might save his life, if he grovels enough.
There’s a noise behind him and Zo freezes as cold steel pricks the back of his neck. “Do you kiss all your friends like that?” Riario asks, his voice barely a whisper in the cool night air.
“Then I need you to show me such affection. We are friends, aren’t we, Zoroaster? Because I couldn’t kill one of my friends.”
That’s a lie too.
And now Zo is between a rock and a hard place and he really wishes he had not thought of the phrase “hard place” in conjunction with Riario. Does he agree they’re friends and kiss the count? Try to bluster his way out? Try to fight his way out?
What the hell.
“Of course we’re friends,” Zo lies. “Let me show you…..”


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