Da Vinci’s Demons season 3 episode 8 ‘La Confessione Della Macchina’ which can be seen on Starz Satrurday 12th December, and on most FOX International Channels on Sunday 13th December. 

At Lucrezia’s behest, Leo returns to the Cave to meet his sister Sophia, only to be joined by unexpected guests. Riario’s conscience gets the better of him, putting himself and the Crusade in an even more compromising position. Nicco and Zo embark on a mission to recruit Vlad’s help in their war against the Turks… but are challenged with an early battle for their lives.

Da Vinci’s Demons: season 3 La Confessione Della Macchina preview | Tom Riley

Someone help me out here. Why does that look like Riario in gif #6, about to attacked by Leo? Not possible since Leo and Riario have been prised apart for questionable plot reasons, and not how I remember this ridic episode.

I don’t remember this part either. Maybe Leo embraced the Way of the Caveman, is about to clobber Riario on the head and drag him into the cave to claim him as his mate?

Weighing in, because I was so shocked too–but that’s not Riario. It is random security guard (red shirt?) from the Labyrinth who is traveling with Carlo to come recapture Leo to return him for further conditioning. Leo kills this guy, Sophia kills the second guard, leaving Leo to win the final Boss fight with Carlo. It is just a coincidence he looks like Riario I think.

I’ve had a couple of messages saying it’s definitely just another guard – I’m so glad the fandom isn’t dead and is quick to offer up answers 😀 – so thank you 😀

Still, it’s a pretty good resemblance in that gif 🙂  Maybe the same cast member did stand-ins/minor stunts sometimes, because at a distance he’d definitely pass for Riario.
Hmm, maybe Riario should have a lookalike decoy, it’s a popular plot trope 🙂


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