Sophia: How does it feel?
Leo: It stings.
Sophia: I meant having your vengeance against the man who killed that teacher of yours.
Leo: Verrocchio was much more than a teacher. More like a father. A friend.

Leo and Sophia discuss vengeance in Da Vinci’s Demons season 3 ‘La Confessione Della Macchina’. 

I think it would have been stronger this wayL

“Verrocchio…Andrea. He was much more than a teacher. He was a friend…more like a father to me.”

But what do I know about writing.

But can we talk about that 4th gif, where he’s got little scraps tied around the base of his fingers. HE JUST GRABBED A SWORD WITH HIS BARE HANDS TO STOP CARLO FROM KILLING HIM. HIS HANDS SHOULD BE ENTIRELY SHREDDED AND ENCASED. I’m surprised he has any fingers left at all, actually.

And I do NOT buy that Lucrezia’s ring means anything at all to him. It’s like they are all trying to make fetch happen. 

IKR, they’re immortal, he and Riario, it’s the only way they’ve survived this long (though Sophia’s going to keep taking the credit now).
STOP TRYING TO MAKE FETCH HAPPEN is how I feel every time we get a Leo/Lucrezia scene. Everyone on that show knows how the fandom generally feels about Leario and Leoaster and yet the writers kept shoving Leo x Lucrezia in our face.
(can we get some Mean Girls DvD memes do you think? :D)


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