It’s time for me to come clean and admit my deep love for my favorite Da Vinci’s Demons character, JAUNTY BOBBIN LACE MCGEE, as christened by @idriseleven. He is otherwise known as Lucrezia’s husband.

Look at him! He’s so shiny and fancy! He’s always surrounded by his good male friends! He knows lots about dresses and fabrics! He could give me fashion tips and make me dresses! He has a faithful assistant to help him so he must be very successful!

And the poor guy was cuckolded by his wife, then she ran off, and we have absolutely no idea what happened to him! Or if he knows what all happened to Lucrezia! Or if he thinks she just up and left him all alone! He is a true victim of DVD and I love him and his new name which makes me ugly-laugh every single time. Since he’s been abandoned by his wife, do you think I have a chance with him?

Wait, so he was shown in dvd? I thought he was only mentioned! And then forgotten by everyone because reasons. I think they have some kind of a monster in Florence that eats background characters (like Clarice’s daughters).
Anyway. He seems like a nice guy so I’m gonna say: go for it! You have a big chance with him because you’re you. Take him on a date but don’t mention dvd, it could trigger unpleasant memories >: Given his personality, I’d say a shopping trip could bring you both joy.

My lack of interest in S1 Lucrezia and poor attention to any detail about her leads me to say “she was married?”

LOL, the real monster of Italy, the eater of background characters (he got the Borgia’s youngest son too, Gioffre had never existed to listen to S3 Rodrigo!).
Did he get to Zita too, seeing as the writers seem to have forgotten her by S3?
Possibly also the monster eats plots, leaving gaping holes?

Maybe Jaunty Bobbin Lace McGee ran off with Lorenzo and Clarice’s daughters to save them from the horrible fate of having to face their creepy Santa Dad and his even creepier beard. Maybe they made a life for themselves somewhere in the woods being happy peasants and the little girls have taken to calling him daddy because he’s more of a dad to them than their own creepy one ever could be. When they grow up they won’t be forced into horrible marriages with people they don’t even know and that are unfaithful to them. These girls are now free to marry for love. It will be a simple life, but it’s a good life. 

When Jaunty grows old he will look back on his life with his adopted daughters. Think about how they are living with the men they love, having given him grandchildren to play with and care for when their parents are too busy making more grandchildren. His adopted girls take a lot of time out of their day to care for their elderly dad, still living alone in the woods, never having had the time to meet a peasant woman and marry her because he wanted to give all his time to his little girls. They are grateful that he saved them, raised them and when Jaunty finally dies of old age, he will have many people that will remember and mourn him. But they will remember him with a fond smile on their faces, remembering a good man who gave his everything to make them happy. They will not remember Lorenzo, who in turn can’t be bothered to remember them because he is suffering from syphillis and it’s turned his brain to mush.

Aw, happy ending for Jaunty and the girls 🙂 *applauds*


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