Leonardo: Is this my

The Abyssinian: Of
course you would think that. I might argue every woman you paint is your mother.

Leonardo: Fuck you!

The Abyssinian: The retort of a genius?

Leonardo: Well, why do I
complete this painting, then? Of all the paintings I start then stop, you’ve
shown me I can finish it. Why do I have to?

The Abyssinian: Ask

Leonardo: She
knows! Doesn’t she?

Season 2 Episode 6


Another question that keeps bothering me: have we found out how she was supposed to be? Because this scene suggests she is someone important and she knows something.

Who is she then?

Lucrezia? Sophia? Vanessa? Leo’s mother? And what about the rumours that the model of Mona Lisa was actually a he
Zo without beard or Vlad. *cough cough* Salaì? *cough*

What do you think? 

I think you make some good points. I think it harks back to @idriseleven‘s wondering why Leo didn’t obsessively paint his mother after seeing her on board the ship. I think it ties in with @zephfair‘s thoughts about Leo’s relationship with Vanessa, who he also paints, and his longing for a mother figure. Mostly I think it’s another giant plot hole that could have been addressed in a more nuanced season three and longer season four 😦

If @mistress-elizabeth doesn’t mind me picking up on something from her tags I’d like to agree; what was the whole deal with Leo being so grief-stricken over Clarice’s death?  They had a conversation in S1 I think and I wouldn’t say it was hostile but I wouldn’t say it was friendly either, though my memory’s hazy about it. And then Sinner!Riario talks about Leo’s “beloved Clarice”, and since when? I know Leo’s having Guilt over Everything in season three, but I agree he wasn’t that close to Clarice and her death had nothing to do with Leo or his actions aside from not making Riario stay with him near the end of s2 indirectly leading to his brainwashing by the Labyrinth

Clarice too could have been a model for the painting but Lorenzo never cared enough to have her painted, only to splash out for his mistress’s portrait (Vanozza got pissed at new pope Rodrigo for doing the exact same thing to her in The Borgias); the Mother of Florence thing that was made such a big deal of could tie in which Leo and his Mother obsession.  Is it possible Leo used Clarice as inspiration, seeing as how guilty he seemed to feel?


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