me when i get my student loan

this is the money cat. reblog in 30 seconds and you will find yourself with more wealth

#this is the only money cat i will reblog because it’s actually doing the manekineko pose151,646 notes (via lolwhutninja)


and it has its right paw up! the correct paw for this.

and from the markings on its ears, it looks like it might be a calico cat. which is the luckiest kind!

extremely lucky cat

I don’t even care if it actually works, I’m mostly reblogging because it’s freaking adorable.

cute cat and need money, good post, 10/10

in case anyones interested in the other versions

Y’know I reblogged this a bit ago and was saved from financial probation and getting kicked out of school because of it, just mere months from graduation. Got a call from the financial aid advisor telling me that they made a mistake with filing my account (or some other sort of clerical error) and said that, basically, they owe me money. Welp.

Last time I reblogged the money cat, I won two $100 gift cards at work.



The Guardian on Blake as Charlie Havistock in Indian Summers:

“Every time I see him, I want to rip out his throat.” You said it, Ralph. When it comes to creeps, Alice’s not-dead-after-all husband Charlie takes the passive-aggressively buttered scone. At the risk of repeating myself, Blake Ritson was born for these roles. He so looks, lives and breathes the part that it’s as if he is not acting but has time-travelled. I love the suggestion of utter psychopathology lurking beneath the aristocratic exterior. (It’s never far buried, people.) And is there anything more chilling that a casually stored lock-culling kit that you pop out of your pocket on a whim? “Hold still, Muddle!” Matched only by the casual racism of his Al Jolson impression with the “Camptown Ladies” and the ugly grimace of his laugh when Miss Prasad was being made to curtsey. Evil Britishness at its most sublime: “We do get experimental when drink is taken.” 


15 Writing prompts (Dialog)


  1. “Care to explain why my bathtub is full of frogs?”
  2. “Quit asking how I got stuck up here and just catch me.”
  3. “I swear this isn’t blood, it’s cherries.”
  4. “I don’t know who put the cat in my shower, but I’m unamused.”
  5. “Seriously! I just put that pie out, who took it?”
  6. “Is that a ring box in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?”
  7. “Keep your flea riddled bird out of my hair or else.”
  8. “Did you just put a dirty diaper in that car trunk and close it?”
  9. “Is the lipstick on my cheek really necessary?”
  10. “Whatever he’s saying, he’s lying!”
  11. “I play a mean air guitar if that’s what you’re asking.”
  12. “How about we put on some pants and figure this out?”
  13. “I’m sorry but swimming in the fountain isn’t allowed.”
  14. “Can you stop playing connect the dots with my freckles?”
  15. “Are you seriously stealing flowers off that grave?”
15 Writing prompts (Dialog)