Channel 4 has published a new pack for the second series of Indian Summers, launching March 13 at 9 PM. The articles in the pack mention the following of Blake and his character Charlie Havistock;

“I’ve worked with Blake before – we did a play together called Rope, in which he played a murderer who invited me over to dine off a trunk with the dead body in it. When it comes to mischief, in front of the camera and off camera, Blake Ritson is your go-to guy. His character is a delight in Indian Summers. He is super cunning, and has Ralph over a barrel, because he’s bankrolling him.” – Henry Lloyd-Hughes / Ralph Whelan.

“Charlie Havistock has followed his wife, out to India to join her and their son Percy. On the surface, Charlie is a cheerful, charming man who is happy to play low status, but it quickly becomes clear that he’s not yet forgiven Alice for walking out on him three years earlier. As the summer rolls on, Charlie becomes an increasingly predatory and abusive presence at Chotipool as his campaign of hatred against his wife intensifies. – Charlie’s character profile.”

“Alice Whelan – last seen embarking on a secret romance with Aafrin – is now married to and English banker Charlie Havistock (Blake Ritson), whom she claims led her on a whirlwind romance. The truth is simpler and darker: she is the same husband she ran away from three years ago. She was coerced into accepting him back; after he threatened to have their son removed by the court. Outwardly charming, Charlie is a quiet monster: conducting a campaign of psychological abuse against his wife in public and private.” – Creator and writer Paul Rutman.


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