For the trope bingo prompt ‘marriage’ and also inspired by the otp prompt “Imagine person A getting stabbed at their wedding while person B is forced to watch.“

DvD AU – Giuliano asked Vanessa to marry him (her dress always reminded me of a wedding gown)
With bonus bad poetry:

I’ll always want you in my life
Will you darling be my wife
Yes she said, a dream come true
Wedding bliss for me and you
Sadly Clarice disapproved the match
A tavern wench not up to scratch
But she stayed hopeful that he’d stay
True to the promise made that day
That he’d show up to the church
He’d not leave her in the lurch
And come he did with a smile so bright
She blushed virginal, dressed in white
Yet tragedy befall them still
Men with knives had come to kill
Her dress of white was turned to red
And in her arms he soon lay dead


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