Weekend assignment:

Create a story using the three pics above…

When Nico brought the new light fixture home from Ikea, Leo
fell in love with it immediately.

 “Oh, it’s brilliant, Nico! And it rotates as well? Even
better!” Nico beamed, as Leo scuttled off to locate his tools. “We need to
install it immediately!”

Housemates can be a difficult mix, since friendship isn’t
transitive. So even though both Riario and Zoroaster liked Leo, they did not
like each other. Which made their matching looks of horror so unlikely, as Leo
finished securing the fixture and climbed back down the ladder to call, “Nico,
turn on the light!”

The light splintered and bounced around the room, and to
Riario’s eye, it just made the 1970s cement construction even more garish and
hideous. Zoroaster simply goggled. In fact, he seemed frozen in horror, and
Riario felt the same expression on his own face. Unconsciously, he reached out
and gripped Zo’s elbow, but he couldn’t have said which of them was balancing

Nico nudged Leo with his elbow—the two of them had moved on
to the tiki torches they intended to place along the front walk. But this was
worth watching, as Zoroaster was jolted from the aesthetic horror of the new
light to the tactile of horror of being touched by Riario. He slowly lowered
his head and stared pointedly at the hand on his elbow.

Nico whispered, “Do you think they know what we are doing?”
Nico did not have a quiet whisper, and two pairs of dark eyes whipped around at

“What do you mean?” Riario asked, his silky voice sounding

“What the fuck do you mean?” Zo was not known for subtlety.

“Um. Surprise?” The blush covered Nico’s entire face, and he
stammered out. “Party tonight? For your birthday?”

“For your birthdays.” Leo clarified. “Turns out you both
were born today. Nico and I, well, we’ve invited a few people. Good excuse for
a party.”

“And, um,” Nico offered, “they are coming now.”

Both Riario and Zo turned to face whatever misbegotten horde
would result from Nico and Leo creating the guest list.

Birthday twins! I love it 😀
And I love all the comment fic being generated by the Friday prompts 😀

Isn’t it nice? I love all the texts!
Shall I keep on going every Friday @leonardo-artista ?

Yesss 🙂 I think everyone loves the pics even if they aren’t writers, and it inspires those of who are to come up with wonderful comment crack fic 🙂


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