Weekend assignment:

Create a story using the three pics above…

I can’t write a story on this because lack of skill, but it does look like Riario pissed someone off and now they are challenged to a dance-off. Zo didn’t want to join, it wasn’t his fight, but Riario made him.

Sounds good for a plot bunny 🐰 @the-party-pineapple 😊😈

Zoario disco with clumsy Leo and Nico as torch bearers. 


“Let’s dance!
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues…” @blackryan53 😅

Outside darkness loitered alongside the bouncers. Here, inside, shafts and shanks of glimmering and glittering golden light whirled around and around and around Girolamo, nauseating him as it spun around endlessly. Eyes ached to penetrate every cranny and crevice as he searched. Actually, they searched, with the aid of LED infra red torches that Leo had yet to perfect, but they (especially Zoroaster) were too distracted by gold and gadgets to discern the true treasure in the labyrinthine Machu Pikachu Discotheque in Peru, Illinois, population 10,001.

“This is a wild goose chase,” Girolamo growled. He shuttered his eyes and shook his head side to side again. As if that’ll deaden the pain. “We’ve been at this for eight hours.”

“No,” Zoroaster retorted, always eager to engage him in argument when not bumping into him intentionally, “it’s a disco duck chase.”

“But you told me we were searching for the real Hologram Pikachu,” Nico grumbled. “I need to complete my collection of holographic Pokemon.”

“Everyone, shut up!” Leo yelled, clutching his torch tighter. “We need to find the golden disco duck who lays gold eggs to save Florence from foreclosure by Sixtus Inc.”

“Shouldn’t it lay gold records?” Zo muttered. “It’d make more sense than–”

A torch dropped, its lights flickering. “What’s that!?” Nico gasped, pointing at the brightest sparkle they had beheld yet: a giant gilded rubber ducky the size of a Destrier (the lastest model in Ferrari which Girolamo had, unlike Zoroaster).

Holy shit! I adore the idea of Nico being a pokemon kid! ❤


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