Channel 4 has released a lovely new interview (and picture) with Blake about his upcoming (on next Sunday!) role in the second series of Indian Summers. Read the full interview here.

“Outwardly he (Charlie Havistock) is very charming and dapper. He’s a model of civility: he sings, he dances, he plays the banjolele (!) and he also has the ability to coerce people to do his will. But inwardly he is pretty corrosive, he’s like a snake that will bite anyone that crosses his path. I would say that Charlie starts in a pretty dark place at the beginning of the series, but he becomes even more and more erratic and reckless as the season progresses. He’s calculating, vicious and deeply malicious and he becomes a physical and psychological threat to many characters this season. It’s been a huge amount of fun to play: he’s very much a wrecking ball swinging through the polite society of Simla.

 He is just lashing out like a wounded animal. A wounded animal with a great taste in cravats.

On set you just didn’t know what you were going to encounter. I remember one day sitting in a chair and admiring this amazing view and suddenly realising that I was sat in the middle of a giant bull ants nest!”

Jemima West was also asked about Blake and Charlie:

“Oh yes he’s quite Machiavellic in the way he portrays him, he makes him unbelievably cruel with a constant smile on his face so that makes him even nastier I guess.”

“Well Blake is the loveliest most charming person to work with he’s an absolute delight.“

He sings? 😀
We’ve already seen BR dancing and playing music but this could be good. Also cravats again…


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