Leo’s been avoiding Papa da Vinci online too.

Is Piero sure he wants to see what Leo puts on Facebook?

@leonardo-artista It’s a classic parenting move, where you make your kid friend you so you can monitor them. You know Piero hopes this will keep Leo from posting things he doesn’t want his father to see, or shaming him into taking stuff down he thinks is questionable. 

Do you think Piero has even MET Leo?

LOL, I’m imagining a picture with “Only a Loving Father who changed my swaddling clothes can tell which is my butt” and a photo of a whole row of moons (Zo was up for it, Amerigo was drunk, Nico took some persuading). Piero reports it and has it taken down.
Leo sharing quizzes about “Daddy Issues: How Bad Are Yours?” and “Are You a Top or a Bottom or a Switch?”
Leo finding a way to be in multiple relationships, all of them “It’s So Complicated Even My Genius Struggles To Comprehend”
Leo posting pics of himself being drunk, high, naked, and the intersections thereof
Leo posting twenty selfies a day and tagging Piero in them to piss him off.
Riario asking Piero to stop Leo telling everyone they’re in a relationship.
Leo responding to this by posting a photoshopped pic  himself and Riario in a very compromising position, but there’s not enough nudity for it to get reported.
Leo sending Piero requests for All the most popular Facebook games, multiple times a day.
Leo “poking” Piero constantly.
—–I think there’s modern AU crack fic in there somewhere—–

–Leo has checked in at MADAME SINGH’S

–Photo college “Autopsy or my father’s cooking?”

–Top Ten Sodomy Trials of the Year, Ranked by their NSFW Testimony

It got better!


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