Making a new Hipsterario icon for this Tumblr totes felt like the good ole days of blogging back on LJ (Live Journal to you young’uns born after the Millennia started) when you made icons while procrastinating about finishing your fics.

I still use my LJ (Dreamwidth/Livejournal combo actually) and I still make icons sometimes. Go friend me peeps 🙂

I haven’t posted on my oldest LJ account in four years which is like eighty in Internet years.

There are many advantages to journaling (enhanced privacy, threaded comments without reblogging, to name just two. I write about this often.), and every time I see someone complain about something Tumblr doesn’t do that LJ does, I roll my eyes. There’s room for both, but the obsession with the ease of reblogging over fostering content creation has currently won out. I still hold out hope that people genuinely want connection over the shallower tumblr culture though.
And I don’t think there’s any need for mockery about my continuing to use a journal (not at you but the other reblogger). I can post original fic to selected people, fanfic publicly, personal photos to a filtered set of people, personal entries to ‘friends only’, signal boost about social issues publicly, add art and embed vids – all the things in one place. There are still thriving communities: Yuletide is still huge, trope_bingo etc generate a lot of fics that also end up at AO3, and if everyone who gets nostalgic still posted at LJ it would be more active. Without Yuletide and bingo and landcomms I wouldn’t have written a lot of the fic which I have completed and crossposted.


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