Blake Ritson’s big eyes in Emma

This is the creepiest scene for him in Emma, where Elton makes moves on the unsuspecting Emma. It’s also the scene where the voice reminds me most of Riario.




OT3 adorability fight.

No argument here, Zo!

C’mon Riario, you can angst better than that! Good work Leo, puppy dog eyes are doing it. Zo, I think you’re playing a different game entirely but it’s working for you so nice work 🙂






Shall we write?

For Fritson Friday it is once more….

(pardon my syntax, but it sounds more poetical)

Aw, crap, I’m so sorry I missed this one! 😦 I’m keeping it for inspiration though…

I’ve always loved how dirty Riario’s fingers are in that first scene. It’s weird but he was always so clean and well-kempt in S1; it was exciting to see him get down and dirty in S2.

I only saw this today as well. Maybe I can come up with something? Preferably not as angsty as most of my stuff–Zo is just too adorable for angst.

Zo can always be angsty when it comes to being rejected by Artista…

Absolutely. Remember when Zo was so jealous that Leo went to play murder mysteries with Riario that he stormed off, got in a bar fight, and then almost hooked up with Lucrezia and they both sat around smoking opium and pining over Leo? Zo can angst when he wants to 🙂
[you can turn homework in late, you don’t get graded but you get extra credit or something? :D]



“Looking for a translation of the text in this image.”

*This was a submission but I thought I would post this for those looking to translate/ read Leonardo’s original handwriting. Keep in mind you will have to mirror it first. 

Text Generator  – This link lets you type text in and see it displayed as Leonardo would have written it. 

Google Translate (Enter Itallian – then it will convert to english)





I’ve totally tarnished Lady Gaga lyrics. And that lovely image, perfect for a desktop, it’s absolutely desecrated. But this is what happenings when inspired to imagine Vlad Pairings.

Oh @szaszszlik, there is a contender for your Vlad!


As wonderful as Leo is, he would never win Vlad’s heart. It doesn’t exsists. He doesn’t know the right words to say, not like Sixtus does.

(lovely picture, by the way! and I’m glad to be an inspiration lol)

Maybe Leo is taking on challengers to see who is worthy of Vlad .
Leo can’t bear to hurt Zo so Zo would get get through if he wanted to play.
But Sixtus wouldn’t fight; he’d send Riario in his place. And we know how that would end. In Leario and Sixtula of course 😀