“It’s the frock … You couldn’t look fat if you tried …” “Silly mummy, mop it up.” “You see what he’s doing? He’s teaching my son to hate me.” At least others are starting to see what a dangerous psychopath Charlie Havistock (Blake Ritson) is. He’s a feeder as well as a bully! We might have guessed. Let Muddle leave her anchovies, Charlie, if she doesn’t want them. I love this despicable character, and I wonder if he’s being thrown away (like so many other characters). This must have been a hallmark of British life in India: having to put up with a complete nutter who was liable to lash out at any second and being completely unable to get away from him. There’s so much to explore here about how the others cope with him and, surely, their attempts to control or contain him. And yet here we only get Charlie’s outbursts, Muddle’s simmering tolerance and Ralph’s frustration. A wasted opportunity for mammoth showcasing of evil. More Blake Ritson, please! 

– The Guardian

Screencap gallery of Charlie Havistock in Indian Summers S2E3.


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