Easter Assignment:

Create a story using the pictures above…

(Sorry for the delay 🙈)

(Pics from Blake Ritson’s fanpage on Facebook)


“What was that for?” Leo rubbed at his face.

Riario glowered. “For forgetting the date.”

Leo’s mouth fell open. “You owe me an apology,” he said. “You’ll make that slap up to me or you won’t get the incredibly thoughtful gift I got you specifically for our anniversary.”

Riario lowered his gaze, heat rising in his cheeks. “You remembered?”

Leo pulled him into a rough hug. “Of course I remembered,” he said, kissing Riario’s hair. That he remembered because it was two days before Zo’s birthday and Zo had been reminding him about that for over a week didn’t need to be mentioned.

read the rest here

Is there a way to continue reading without opening an account @leonardo-artista?

I have an AO3 account, and it tells me I don’t have permission for that page either. Pretty please?

That’s odd; I have not, to date, ever posted a fic restricted to registered users only   – and it’s another “chapter” of the ficlet collection you’ve previously left comments on which is doubly weird!
No problem though, I’ve posted it here too, crossposted here also.


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