One more weekend assignment…

Create a story using the pictures above 😉

I wrote the thing!

This is an AU, inspired by @zephfair‘s idea of an AU where Leo goes to Rome when Riario demands Florence turn over artists for the Sistine Chapel. Although in this case, he does not go willingly.

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“a deliberate whisper, that both irritated and soothed” I love that description!

“Riario seemed to be seated; the voice came from close by, but due to the idiosyncratic lighting, all Leo could see were his hands. ” This, the whole scene, is wonderfully set. The tantilising orange juice is another wonderful detail.

“Florentines generally, and you in particular, may be inhabited by demons. We must banish the Evil One before we can bring you to the One True Faith.” Really, Riario? I never took you for such a literalist. I wonder if there’s something else going on here.

“The filigreed cross flashed in the limited light, and without consciously willing it, Leo reached to take the relic from the count’s own hand.” In a modern setting I’d bet money it’s bugged. I really think/want there’s something more to the relic.
I also love the moment Leo takes it, it’s a small submission, something Riario can build on later, trying to bend Leo to his will (won’t be that simple though!) Would definitely read more in this AU!



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