Seen on  Facebook Writer’s Circle 

“You wake up stranded on an island with the last character you wrote about. How well does that work out for you?”

Leo and Riario? Pretty damn well.

I mean sure, females don’t tend to do so well but it’s not like I’m
going to sleep with them which should help matters. Just sit back and
watch the Leario

I mean wait for Leo to invent something to rescue us, while Riario goes hunting and I gather firewood 🙂

Same here–Leo and Riario. And really, as long as there aren’t indigenous people with violent agendas, it should be pretty okay! Leo will investigate the flora and fauna and also conduct experiments in buoyancy and waterproofing–he’s already built a submarine, right? Riario can pray for deliverance maybe. My job will be to convince him that the weather is quite temperate, he really doesn’t need to wear ALL those layers of shirt and neck cloth. Just loosen it a little bit–for the breeze you know.

It might take a bit longer without Zo lending a hand, but yes, Leo will figure things out. Surely he needs some of that cloth for um, sails, or something. Or maybe you’re a bit cold at night.  A gentleman will give you his jacket and you just, er, never give it back…


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