Something to torture the Riario torturers 


“Now there’s some true marital passion 😄  #IndianSummers Episode 5

Lucky Jemima West 😭😭😭

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“You do look cold,” Charlie tells Alice. He grabs her, there’s a moment where he seems to size up how best to approach this, and then he kisses her, hard. It starts out almost romantic except it goes on too long and she squirms before he finally lets her go. Dalal watches from the balcony…
Out of context the kiss is passionate, more physical intimacy than we’ve ever seen before between them, and as a consensual game, the toying with the belt could be seductive. It’s only in context we see Charlie’s need for control and how unstable he becomes when he cannot influence events, how these acts are meant to bring Alice to heel and make her behave. x


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