Life goal: to have someone look at me the same way Riario looks at Leo in S3. It was hard to pick only 3 screencaps to demonstrate this because in every single scene they’re together Riario’s giving this look.

All hail @blake-ritson-love for the amazing screencaps!

It’s interesting that Tom Riley has said that he and Gregg Chillin really tried to play up the Leo-and-Zo-are-in-love angle in S3, but I think Blake Ritson went ahead and played Riario as being hopelessly, desperately in love with Leo anyway. This can’t all be fangirl slash goggles!

The picture in the middle… that’s the way I look at dessert (which I love with all my heart 🐷😍❤🎂😈)
But Mother Nature has been evil with me… so I have to look at it like longing for a long lost loved one 😭

You don’t know how much I wished for Leario to happen t.t


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