You smell rather like my breakfast.

Pobrecito! 😢

You know he deserved it. 

Hmmmm…. can’t be that objetive when it comes to him 😈

As I point out in the recap I can’t really applaud her actions. Charlie has never hit her, Alice makes that clear to Ralph early on. She is the one to commit physical violence and not even in self-defence – a court might even see his actions after that, coming close to violence, as following from her incitement. As her husband, he’s supposed to “keep her in line”. It’s hard enough now, let alone in this time period, to have anyone recognise emotional abuse, so she’s got no grounds for divorce that would allow her sole custody of their son.
Add to this the fact that she’s committing adultery with an Indian native, and Charlie’s attempts to paint her as untrustworthy, and she’s playing a dangerous game. If, as I posit here, Charlie ever shows up dead/wounded in anything even resembling suspicious circumstances, she will be the primary suspect.
Her goading seems dangerous to me; what if he does snap and kill her in a fit of rage? He came close to real violence this time, and it was a near thing that he didn’t cross the line – but he didn’t.

This is such an insightful comment, and it’s precisely where the tension in historical drama lies–because she really is trapped, isn’t she? He’s just needling her and pushing her buttons and she’s got no real recourse at all. And if HE had been the one receiving her jabs and thinly veiled threats, and he had lashed out like that, would he have any consequences? And as a fellow human woman-shaped being, I have so much empathy for the intolerable situation she is in, while at the same time realizing that–as you said–she’s broken the rules she lives under and that’s bound to come back and bite her. 

But he’s so perfectly civilized and horrible at the same time. (full body shudder) why DID she marry him in the first instance?

(I say this based entirely on the few bits on info about this show that make their way to the US, so I’m quite possibly completely and egregiously wrong about it all.)

We almost got an answer to that. I have more thoughts about
how Charlie is presented in s1 vs s2, and I will quote the exact line about
‘why’ in my ramblings. Spoilers, obvs.

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This is fascinating–thank you! Now I’m waiting for the Ritson Cut of this show–do you think someone will post one on YouTube eventually?

Just the Charlie sections? (As in that fanvid I always rec that contains all the Duke of Kent scenes if you’re not an Upstairs Downstairs fan but want to see his Highness in all his glory). Or a sort of revisioning of the show from his viewpoint? Either? Both? 😀 I wish!
This is an even tinier fandom then DvD – victim in part of the Americans seem to only watch British shows if they’re on the BBC (hence the love for Atlantis and Merlin but utter disdain for Sinbad). But I’d love to do something more; Charlie, Cynthia, Darius Dalal (what did he do to deserve a son like Aafrin!) are the more interesting and complex recurring characters, more so than the supposed leads.
I can’t make vids until I find new software anyway, but there might be more fanfic. Between S1 and S2,or  AUs, amnesia’s always a good redemptive trope…
I totally blame Ritson for making Charlie more sympathetic than he probably ought to be, though as I keep saying, the supposed protagonists aren’t up to much if you look at them critically!


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