Da Vinci’s Demons Character’s Vanessa Moschella Appreciation Week

Day [1]: Choose: Clarice or Vanessa

Uncle Zo’s not so very daily advice



Don’t give daily advice. You run out of advice to give really quickly. The internet seems like an endless source of information and advice, but you’d be surprised at how specific everything is. It sucks when you want to give short and simple advice.

Maybe my darling Angels have some advice for me? ❤


Uncle Zo

Baths wash both the body and the soul

Uncle Zo’s not so very daily advice

Fic snippet, WiP

It was unnerving that he and
Lucrezia were both sulking over dinner that evening for the same reason. The
same man. Riario feared he’d hit his head harder than he’d thought. Or maybe
Leo’s salves were witchcraft, potions to cloud the mind and induce
inappropriate desires for inappropriate pleasures and people. It might even be
the reason he’d had to flee to the countryside.
He’d scolded Lucrezia for harbouring
ridiculous fantasies about Leo’s past and now he was guilty of the same.

Fic snippet, WiP



∟ Day 2: Favourite scene of Clarice & Vanessa:
“When I first came to this palace, I considered myself much more than Lorenzo’s youthful bride. I was an educated woman. But I still had so much to learn. But from the day you came here you carried something deep with you. More than just the boy. I know it was a difficult decision. But the things we do we do them for Florence.