For me fandom isn’t like devotedly loving a boy band, a flash in the pan here today and done tomorrow. It’s more like a lifelong love of music. I didn’t show up for one band, buy all their albums, and then suddenly throw them all away and vow never to listen to music again. I have older fandoms I still revisit. I have many fandoms. I hope others still feel the same way. I don’t seem to come into contact with many people who do. I used to see FIAWOL memes around, but everything seems ephemeral now.

I want to add some things here, in this particular sideblog.

I do have many fandoms. In fact I have a regularly updated list of  fandoms.
This, the DvD  fandom however has, for whatever reason become special to me in a way few others have. I’ve written fic about, tried out things, that I haven’t/wouldn’t have in other fandoms. It’s the fandom of my longest, proudest, fic to date.
I’ve got half a dozen WiP fics right now.
But some recent events have made me jaded. Not enough to make me stop, but I fear being the last one participating when everyone else has trashed their albums or moved on to only listen to another artist. That said, I also don’t want to surrender just because I’m sad right now.
Some of this is that I’m having a hard time writing anything at the moment. That’s not that uncommon when I’m feeling low, and once I can start again, it will be cathartic. I’m just having a difficult time waiting for the tide to turn.
Usually I’d post something like this to my journal but I currently feel more alone there than ever before, so much so I’m not writing my monthly personal post there. I guess I’m just venting and haven’t got anywhere else to do so. As I posted earlier, I’m not even currently reading messages because drama.

Hi ! I was just curious about the shirt you brought last Tuesday and what you did on Friday night :) Hugs :3


Dear dreamywritingdragon,

Last Tuesday I didn’t buy any shirts. I did however buy some amazing socks. Did you know they sell socks with capes on them?! They’re so awesome!

On Friday night I did what I think I will be doing every Friday night. Walk around in nothing but a shirt and my capesocks and annoy my friends. You should see their faces when I walk in, it’s hilarious!


Uncle Zo

We needs pics (or at least a Riario drawing) of capesocks!

Hi ! I was just curious about the shirt you brought last Tuesday and what you did on Friday night :) Hugs :3