DVD Modern AU Part 15


Pfeeew ! Never thought I would get this far with that idea !

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DVD Modern AU Part 15

I wish you would write a fic that begins with an animal eating food and everybody is happy at the end.



Thank you!

That was fun. 


“Isn’t he cute?”

“Maybe if he wasn’t eating my sandwich…”

“Come on, Zo, you wouldn’t let him starve.”

“No, I would just give him your sandwich.”

“Mine has Nutella in it! We can’t give a dog chocolate, trust me. He’d get sick and die and then you would have him on your conscience.”

Zo snorted. The dog, with its huge eyes, brown fur and flat ears, was indeed very cute. It was a mutt of some sort; a homeless one, judging by how dirty it was. It looked pathetic. And hungry. And Zoroaster couldn’t resist its pleading eyes. So now the dog was eating his food, wagging its tail like crazy.

Any more of this and Zo would get attached.

“Come on, Leo, we’ve fed him, it’s time to go,” he looked up. There were more and more storm clouds gathering in the sky. It was only a matter of time before it would start raining and getting soaked was the last thing Zo wanted.

“But we can’t leave Giro here!”

Zo blinked, speechless for few long moments. “We’re so not naming him after your ex-boyfriend!”

“Why not?” Leo crouched to pat the dog’s head. “It’s a nice name.”

Times like that, Zoroaster wondered if Leo was really that oblivious or he was just pretending. “We’re not naming him at all. Dammit Leo, it would mean we’re adopting him.”

Leo shrugged. “Aren’t we?”

“What if he has an owner somewhere?”

“You’ve stolen bigger things before, don’t tell me a dog would be too much for you.”

Zoroaster groaned. “Our flat is too small for a dog.”

“He could sleep in my bed while I,” Leo smirked, standing up, “I would sleep in yours.”

Zo rolled his eyes. Most nights Leo ended up in his bed anyway. When he didn’t, it was often because they both ended up somewhere else. Like on a couch. Or in a bathtub (that one had been really uncomfortable).

“Think about the responsibilities,” Zo said weakly.

“Think about all the people you would attract with Giro. He’s cute. Everyone likes cute dogs,” Leo took a step towards him.

“I don’t need a fucking dog to attract attention.” Zo raised his chin up. “Besides, why would I want other people if I have you?”

Leo laughed at that, delighted, and pulled him for a kiss. They noises bumped and Zo couldn’t quite keep the giggle in – his lover smelled like Nutella. Leo pulled away, his smirk replaced with a warm smile. “Please?”

And of course he used the puppy eyes on him. Zo glanced at the dog; it was giving him a pleading look as well.

Great. Now he had even more to take care of.  

“Damn you, Leo. Alright. But we’re still not naming him Giro.”

It’s very nicely written 🙂 And the boys are so cute, I love the “dating but not really” kid of relationship 🙂

I get you, Zo, naming one’s pet after one’s ex lover is one of the worst thing to do ! (and even though, Riario would be more of a majestic black kittty^^)

Not only is Riario 100% a black kitty, you can’t call the dog Giro because what will happen when he shows up again, that’s an awkward OT3 without Zo shouting “walkies, Giro” and getting punched by Riario 🙂

I wish you would write a fic that begins with an animal eating food and everybody is happy at the end.